Is it Time to Upgrade your Dehumidifier System?

portable dehumidifiers

The seasons are changing – are you a summer person or fall? Unfortunately for summer lovers, your time is ending. As we start to head into the fall and winter months, are you now looking at the end of your dehumidifier’s life as well?

Dehumidifier Trends

It seems that in recent years, portable dehumidifiers don’t hold up the way they used to. According to an article in the StarTribune, “People who used to get decades of service from a dehumidifier are often getting only one to three summers before their machines quit. In recent years, millions of dehumidifiers have been recalled as fire hazards. And prematurely dead or recalled dehumidifiers are piling up at recycling agencies.”

The article goes on to note that consumers are not the ones reporting the shorter life spans. “Jack Jackson, a service technician at A-Plus Appliance in St. Paul, which sells and accepts appliances for recycling, said he started noticing more frequent disposal of newer dehumidifiers about 15 years ago. A-Plus gets about five broken or recalled dehumidifiers every week.”

According to the article, the other main concern with portable dehumidifiers is that so many of them are on the recall list. Six million units have been recalled for fire danger.
How can consumers enjoy the benefits of a dehumidifier without the costs, poor quality, and hazards that go along with using a portable dehumidifier?

Whole House Dehumidifier

A whole house dehumidifier can be installed in connection with your heating and cooling system to draw and replace air from your whole house, or it can be localized to specific areas in your home (i.e. basement). A previous blog discusses all the benefits of a whole house dehumidifier.

Even though the humidity and temperatures will soon be dropping, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home dehumidifier system before the rush of spring. A whole house dehumidifier can provide optimum comfort for your entire home.

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