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5 Tips for Summer Home Security

5 Tips for Summer Home Security

It’s summer, which means more Minnesotans are taking advantage of the nice weather, spending more time outdoors and away from home. Summer is also prime time for home break-ins. Take steps to minimize the risk – whether you’re headed to work or to the cabin. Here are 5 tips for summer home security.


Oftentimes burglars can access your home by breaking into a vehicle parked outside and using the garage door opener. Don’t leave the garage door remote in the vehicle. If you do, make sure to lock the door into your home from the attached garage and engage the deadbolt.


Open windows and sliding glass doors can provide easy access for an intruder. Make sure screens and locks are secure, and that frames and jambs are in good condition. For added security, install anti-theft window and door stops. Use wooden or metal dowels in the tracks of sliding doors or windows to keep them from being forced open. Close blinds or draperies so potential burglars can’t see in.


If you’re going to be away from home more than a day or two, stop your mail or newspaper delivery, or ask a neighbor to collect the items and any packages that might arrive. In addition, be careful about what you post on social media – and who can see it.


Take advantage of today’s technology and control your home’s interior and exterior lighting, thermostat, and other systems by remote application. While you can utilize timers to operate lights in your absence, burglars can work out the timer schedule. Smart phone or tablet apps allow you to manage the system at various times throughout the day.


For the utmost in home security, install an alarm system, security and motion-activated lighting, and surveillance cameras from Stafford Home Service Inc. We use the top brands in home security to ensure your family’s safety, including Alarm.Com® Interactive Services, Ring® Doorbell Cameras, and motion-activated security camera systems from ICRealtime. The Nest family of home automation products includes the Nest learning thermostat, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and indoor and outdoor security cameras. Not only do these products offer Wi-Fi connection and remote access, but they send email and phone alerts and safety alerts.

With security products from Stafford Home Service Inc., you can stay connected – and stay secure – this summer and all year round. Contact us today.

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