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Touchdowns and TV Deals- Stafford Home Service Inc.

Touchdowns and TV Deals

Black Friday isn’t the only time of the year to score major deals on TVs. In fact, according to experts, the best time to save major money on a new, highly-rated television display is in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. What’s a better time of the year to install a TV than right before the Super Bowl?

Pre-game Clear Out

Stores try to clear out year-old sets within the last two weeks of January to make room for the 2018 displays that are ready to arrive mid-February to late March. According to research done last January by Gap Intelligence, the average discount on TVs during Super Bowl sales is 21-23 percent off three weeks prior to the Super Bowl, as well as the week after. With an average like that, it’s not rare to find deals as much as 50 percent off or greater.

Price Matches

Nothing beats going into a store and experiencing what you’re buying in real life. Instead of putting all your faith in the internet and going through with your purchase online, actually make the trip to the store. Your online research will come in handy at places like Walmart and Best Buy that price match in-store with the best price you can find on their website, or other stores, as well as online retailers like Amazon.

So, if you’re not among the lucky ones with tickets to U.S. Bank Stadium come February 4th, with a bit of research and a trip to the store you could still watch the big game in style.


Once you’ve decided on a new set and saved hundreds of dollars, ignore all the extras they offer, such as store warranties, expensive cables, and installation. Stafford Home Service Inc. offers many options for TV installation including an array of mounting options (full motion, tilt, motorized, ceiling), power and surge protection, and organized concealed cables and cords. We suggest researching the product warranties and coverage before making a final decision about the purchase of store protection plans. Sometimes manufacturer’s warranties only last for up to a year, so it’s good to have all the info about the specific TV you want before making a final decision.

We want you to save money on not just any TV, but a TV that will endure our world of everchanging technology. Now is the time to do that and we’re here for all your installation and home entertainment needs. Contact us with any questions you might have.


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