Interactive Home Security: Bring your home into the future


Home security is something that should be taken seriously, for all types of homes. Whether you rent, own, live alone, or have a family, safety should be a top priority. About 74 percent of attempted home break-ins are cut short by the sound of an alarm. Not only are home security alarm systems vital to ensuring your safety, but they also do so much more.

Make an informed decision about how to protect yourself and your family with information about interactive home security systems from Stafford Home Service.

Control from Anywhere

We proudly offer Interactive Services, a top-of-the-line interactive home security system you can control from your phone. You’ll have full control over everything from arming and disarming your system’s status to viewing all recent activity at your home on the home security app right on your phone or tablet. uses a tamper-resistant cellular connection dedicated to your security system. This means you’ll have a reliable connection to your system even if your phone line, cable broadband, and power are down. No matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to view and control everything that’s going on at home.

Total Customization

Everyone is different and has certain needs for their homes and families. Another feature of interactive security system is total customization Put your priorities first. Customize what notifications you receive. Create unique user codes for each person in the home. Decide what rooms you view and how you view them. Customize all this and more. You can easily create and delete unique user codes for anyone you want to have access to enter your home. Then you can see exactly who has armed or disarmed the system from the app.


With an armed home it’ll be like you’re home even when you’re away. Get arming reminders, see who armed or disarmed the system from where – even get a picture of it. If you left your garage door open, you can get a notification and close it through the app. You can even turn lights off and adjust the temperature in your home if you forgot to do either before you left the house.

Your heating and cooling systems will be monitored so if a fire or carbon monoxide is detected, you’ll get a notification. Even if the kids sneak into the garage or are playing with the back door, you’ll be notified. Knowing what is going on at home when you’re not there can give you peace of mind. When something does go wrong, you’ll know about it immediately.

Make the change from regular house to a safe, smart house today with Interactive Services. If you have any questions about interactive home security systems or other home alarm systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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