Lighting Tips: Best ways to brighten up your home


Lighting is the key to creating the look and feel you want for your home. Where lighting fixtures are placed, whether they be in or outside the house, how bright they are, and if they’re equipped with any special features all play part in creating the ambiance you want. Check out these lighting tips for the best ways to brighten up your home.

Bring Out Your Inner Designer

Since this is your space, add a little personality with the lights you choose to decorate with. Add pops of color here and there with colorful lampshades, lamp stand designs, and unique chandeliers or wall sconces. Decorative fixtures can take the place of wall art and brighten up your space with more than just their light.

Measure Ceiling Height

For recessed lighting options you’re planning to hang over kitchen islands, dining room tables, or in a foyer, make sure you consider the height of your ceilings. When installing canister lighting, the bottom of the light should hang between 12 and 20 inches below a standard 8-foot tall ceiling. Then for each extra foot of ceiling your room has, add three inches. Buy lights with adjustable cables or cords so you have enough reach.

Have a Plan

Creating a lighting scheme takes a bit of planning if you want to execute it correctly. Really thinking about what type of lighting you want and where you want it will help with the revamp process. For example, if you’re planning on installing hanging lights, how many do you want? Do you want them centered or off-center? Will they still work if you move the table below them?

Also, it’s a good idea to think about places you usually wouldn’t consider lighting. Under cabinet lighting is an efficient and stylish way to add lighting to your kitchen or other work areas. Adding dimmers to certain rooms can give a room more depth. Stairs are also a place you can get creative with your lighting plan. You can add lights to stair risers or the walls to give the illusion that the space is bigger. Whatever you envision for lighting up your home, having a detailed plan for it will help everything go smoothly.

Glow from the Inside Out

Don’t forget about the outside of your home when you’re developing your lighting plan! Properly lighting the outside of your house not only adds aesthetic value but can also increase your home’s security and give you peace of mind when night falls. You can add outdoor motion detector floodlights, along with other landscape lighting options around your house to create a lit space for entertaining, family time, and safety.

Stafford Home Service offers indoor and outdoor lighting design and installation. We can walk you through each of these steps to help you create the illuminated home of your dreams. Contact us today for more lighting tips.

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