Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving


The holiday season is upon us, which means preparing for gatherings with friends and family. Before basting the turkey and pulling on your eating pants, check out these five ways to prepare your home for Thanksgiving.

Lower the Temperature

You may expect that your November heat and electricity bills will be higher, but you could save money by turning the thermostat down an hour before guests start to arrive. Your oven will probably be on most of the day cooking that turkey, and you add natural body heat to your home with each guest. That means less work for your boiler or furnace.

Change Your Air Filter

Change your furnace filter to ensure the air quality of your home is top notch. This will help your furnace run efficiently and keep your home smelling fresh.

Keep Flammable and Breakable Objects in a Safe Place

Just to be safe, stash flammable and breakable objects in a place where children can’t get at them, and Aunt Linda can’t knock them over with her wine glass. Make sure things like wrapping paper, blankets, and mail are away from heating systems and space heaters. Lock up vases, your grandmother’s china, and your Precious Moments figurines in a cabinet.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and communicate with your guests before Thanksgiving Day. Choose a menu. Talk about potential pot-luck options if you don’t think you can make every course for all the guests. If your family and friends chip in and each bring part of the meal, that means less stress on your home appliances! Planning will also let you know in advance how many crock pots you’ll need to plug in, so you don’t trip the breaker. Having a set plan will make your day easier and lower your stress levels so you can enjoy the holiday.

Keep the Majority of Activities Indoors

If your guests are constantly coming inside and walking out, you’ll lose the warm air your furnace worked so hard to produce. Set up a fun area indoors for children and have designated space for adults to socialize and watch the game. A halftime game of touch football won’t hurt, but make sure everyone is going out and coming back in together.

For more ways to prepare your home for the holidays or to schedule a preventative maintenance service, contact Stafford Home Service today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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