Why is My Furnace Leaking? And Other Questions


Have you ever suspected there’s something wrong with your home’s HVAC or electric systems but you’re not sure what or why it’s happening? Stafford Home Service is here to help you figure out why these problems are happening and how to fix them.

Why is my furnace leaking water?

Your furnace could be leaking water for several reasons, but it is most likely a condensation leak. The cool exhaust of high-efficiency furnaces produces condensation that is directed to a floor drain. A leak could be the result of a clogged drain, tube, or a line break. High-efficiency furnaces use white plastic (PVC) pipes. Standard-efficiency furnaces should not produce condensation.

If the leak is not due to condensation, the secondary heat exchanger could be faulty. This is a much more expensive fix and might require a furnace replacement.

Why are my ducts blocked?

Dust that gets through air conditioning filters settles and accumulates in your ductwork. If you live in an older building, a cute, furry animal could’ve nested in your HVAC ducts, causing reduced airflow. Air can also leak out through cracks or holes in the walls of the ducts. A thorough cleaning should take care of all your issues due to a blocked duct.

Why isn’t my thermostat working?

The answer to this question is simple. If your thermostat isn’t working, it’s most likely due to a faulty thermostat or low batteries. Try changing the batteries or replacing the unit.

Why are my electric bills so high?

A higher than normal electric bill could be because your home is poorly insulated, a window was left open, you have inefficient appliances, the electric company made a mistake, or you’re unknowingly wasting energy. If none of those is the problem, your issue could lie with your heating system, specifically the heat pump. In that case, it’s best to schedule a service ASAP.

Why is a breaker in my panel hot to the touch?

An overheating breaker indicates a serious, dangerous defect and should be replaced immediately.

Why isn’t my humidifier working?

Is your hair staticky and your skin drier than normal? If so, your humidifier is probably on the fritz. Humidifiers should be cleaned once per heating system and twice if you have hard water.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stafford Home Service.

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