Building a Smart Home with Nest Home Automation Products

Nest Home Automation Products

Smart homes are no longer a fantasy of the future. Thanks to companies like Nest, home automation is a serious reality. Simply put, home automation lets you monitor and control home appliances/systems remotely from your smartphone or other device for ultimate ease and convenience. Here’s how Nest home automation products can help you create a smart home focused on your family’s comfort, safety, and security.

Comfort: Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat saves you time, money, and energy by managing your home’s temperature automatically. Programmable thermostats let you plan temperature changes throughout the day, but scheduling these is an annoying, time-consuming process.

The Nest Learning Thermostat, on the other hand, actually “learns” your temperature preferences as you adjust it over a few days and then builds a schedule around yours. It also adapts to how your home heats or cools for ultimate efficiency, saving you energy and ultimately money on your power bills.

Safety: Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest Protect takes smoke and carbon monoxide detection and safety to a new level with all of its convenient features. This industrial-grade detector tests its sensors and batteries automatically over 400 times a day, connects to your smartphone or other device for remote alerts and operation, and lasts up to a decade.

When an issue is detected, a friendly human voice lets you know what and where it is. That way, you know if there’s an emergency in the living room or if it’s just the toast you popped in the toaster. And if it is, you can conveniently hush the alarm right from your phone.

Security: Nest Cam Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

The Nest Cam family of home security cameras let you keep a watchful eye on your pets, family, and home, even when you’re far away. You get access to 24/7 live streaming right on your smartphone, with convenient alerts when your Nest Cam detects suspicious activity, since you can’t be watching all the time. You can even talk to delivery drivers or scare off intruders through the built-in speaker.

Check out the Nest Cam lineup to learn more about their incredible features and compare cameras to find the best solution for your home and family’s security. Home automation isn’t just a fantasy anymore, and it’s not reserved for luxury homes, either. Stafford Home Service offers expert installation of Nest home automation products.

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