4 Ways to Maintain Indoor Air Quality During Summer

maintain indoor air quality

Believe it or not, we’re already approaching the last full month of summer. The end of the cooling season may be in sight, but we’ve still got plenty of hot, humid days ahead of us. As you continue running your A/C unit, be sure to follow these four tips to help maintain indoor air quality during summer.

Change/Clean Your Air Filter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A clean filter not only keeps your A/C unit running efficiently, but also helps keep allergens out of your home’s air. Change disposable air filters every three months and clean re-usable filters once a month.

Let Fresh Air In

Tightly sealed homes can enhance energy efficiency, but they subject your family to stale, recycled air that traps pollutants and allergens. During cooler hours or on breezy days, open your windows to get some fresh air circulating within your home’s ventilation system.

Control Your Home’s Humidity

We all know how miserable humidity can make summer days in Minnesota. Humid air can also take a toll on your home. High humidity levels promote mold and mildew growth as well as dust accumulation and mite infestation.

It’s recommended to keep your home’s relative humidity reading below 50 percent for indoor comfort and air quality. Consider a whole house dehumidifier to keep your home’s air clean and cool during the summer months.

Clean Often

Regularly cleaning your home helps prevent pollutants, allergens, and mold or mildew from contaminating your home’s air. Good dusting habits manage dust and mites and help limit mold growth when humidity hits. Keep up with vacuuming and washing bedding to reduce the number of mites in the air. Frequently clean hard surfaces such as windowsills and fan blades. August is just around the corner, so use these tips to help maintain indoor air quality as we close out the summer. The HVAC experts at Stafford Home Service are here for all your cooling system needs, from A/C installation and maintenance to duct cleaning and repair. Contact us to learn more.



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