Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

It’s the end of September, and we’re starting to move from cooling to heating season. Have you thought about updating or changing your home’s HVAC system? Maybe going ductless is right for you. To help you decide, we’ve outlined the benefits of ductless HVAC systems.

Easy, Low-Cost Installation

The name makes it obvious, but ductless systems require no ductwork and require little time and effort for installation. Interior units mount easily to walls or ceilings, and just a few small holes are required to connect refrigerant lines to the outdoor compressor. That means less money spent on professional installation and less disturbance to your home and daily routine.

Less Space Is Required

Ductless HVAC systems don’t require all the attic, closet, and crawl space that the components of split systems like central air do. If you have an older home that’s limited on this extra space, going ductless might be the ideal option.

Heat Efficiency

Traditional ducted systems can lose up to 25 percent of heating/cooling from leaks and the natural heat loss of ductwork in unconditioned areas (i.e. attics and crawl spaces). Ductless systems eliminate these heat loss risks.

Energy Efficient

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) determines the efficiency of a cooling unit. Today, top-performing ductless systems sit around 30 SEER compared to typical split systems that are in the 14 – 17 range. Practically put, that means savings of up to 50 percent on your monthly heating/cooling costs by going ductless.

Temperature Control for Individual Rooms

With multiple interior units, ductless HVAC systems let you control multiple climate zones in your home. That means you can also leave units off in unused or seldomly used areas of the home, saving more money and energy.

Things to Consider Before Going Ductless

As with any HVAC system, there are also cons to ductless. Here are a few potential downsides to consider.

Up-Front Cost

Up-front equipment costs for ductless units are higher than other comparable single-room solutions, such as window or baseboard units. Swapping a central air system with a completely ductless one could cost two-to-three times more than just replacing it. As mentioned, you will have energy bill savings with ductless, but the payback will happen over time and depend on your climate, use of the system, and local electricity rates.

Bulky Look

The interior units of a ductless system mount to the wall and look something like a long printer. If aesthetics are important to you, you may lean toward central air for the non-invasive, far less-noticeable vents.

Limited Heating Options

Not all ductless systems provide both heating and cooling. For those that do, the capacity is limited to certain climate zones within the home. If you desire both heating and cooling, consult an HVAC professional for help finding a unit properly sized for your home and climate.

There are many benefits of ductless HVAC systems, but they aren’t for everyone. Still not sure what’s right for your home? The heating and cooling experts at Stafford Home Service are here for all your HVAC needs. Contact us to learn more or to set up a maintenance inspection to make sure you’re prepared for the season.



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