Don’t Lose Your Cool Over A/C Expenses

Don't lose your cool over A/C expenses with these tips.

In a previous blog, we pointed out a handful of suggestions for lowering your summertime A/C costs. With the warm season upon us once again, we wanted to revisit this idea and offer a few more recommendations for keeping costs to a minimum. Keep these tips in mind so you don’t lose your cool over A/C expenses.

Waive the Warmth

Your A/C unit conditions the indoor air to keep you cool and comfortable when the outside air is anything but. Do your cooling system a favor and avoid any heat-producing activities:

  • Make dinner outside on the grill or microwave your meals.
  • Wash dishes by hand.
  • Use bathroom exhaust fans to expel heat and humidity.
  • Hang clothes to dry.

Some routines could cause your A/C to work overtime to keep the air cold, causing undue stress to the unit and adding to your energy bill. Think ahead and make alternate plans for things that might build up heat inside.

Install a Ceiling Fan

While it’s true that fans don’t actually lower room temperature, they can help make the air feel cooler in other ways.

Running a ceiling fan counterclockwise in the summer pushes the air downward to create a cool breeze. That air helps to dry any sweat, which in turn makes your skin feel cooler. Additionally, the fan pulls the colder air up from the lower part of the room and redistributes it throughout.

Better yet, a ceiling fan uses less energy than your home’s A/C unit, which helps you save money right off the bat.

Remove Moisture

Much like a fan, a dehumidifier doesn’t kick out cold air. Instead, this device pulls moisture from the air, making it feel less sticky and heavy and subsequently cooler. Even just a few degrees can mean the difference for your level of home comfort.

Today’s whole-house dehumidifiers work with your existing HVAC system to remove moisture and help manage humidity, making less work for your A/C unit. They also help control allergies by preventing mold and mildew growth and extricating other air pollutants that can be of concern to the health of your family.

Check for Lame Ducts

The ductwork that carries and distributes conditioned air throughout your home can also be cause for concern. About 20 to 30 percent of the air traveling through your home’s ducts is lost through leaks or poor connections. Have your ducts inspected to ensure they’re sealed up tight, so the air pumped out by your A/C unit doesn’t go to waste.

In addition, dirty ducts can cause the unit to run less efficiently and decrease your indoor air quality. So, when you have the ductwork inspected, it might be a good idea to schedule a cleaning, too.

Service Your A/C

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Keeping up with a regular maintenance plan for your A/C unit can help extend its life and effectiveness. Before the heatwave hits, have your system checked by a certified professional to ensure everything is and will continue to operate at peak performance.

Your service technician can find and assess any small issues and remedy them quickly. Catching things early can help prevent more costly repairs down the road or – worse yet – a complete system breakdown in the dog days of summer.

Count on Stafford

Upgrades or small changes here and there can help keep you and your family comfortable this summer and not break the bank. The knowledgeable experts at Stafford Home Service are here to help so you don’t lose your cool over A/C expenses. From A/C services to dehumidifiers and everything in between, we’ll answer your questions and find the best solutions to provide you with home comfort and peace of mind.

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