Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Stafford Home Service electrician working on a newly installed electrical panel.

As a homeowner, you’ve likely made some updates to both the inside and outside of your house over the years. Many of those enhancements are probably for aesthetic purposes. But don’t forget about making needed changes to some behind-the-scenes elements, too. We touched on this in a previous blog and now wanted to revisit reasons for upgrading your home’s electrical panel.

Your Home’s Electrical Panel

On a daily basis, you might not think about your home’s electrical system – unless there’s a problem. The electrical panel is essentially the core of this system; it’s the central hub through which all electricity runs.

Each breaker in the box is labeled and controls power to specific areas in your home coming from the main meter outside. The electrical panel includes a main breaker, which is the primary vein for your home’s electricity and indicates the strength of the current, or amperage. Any kind of disruption of power can indicate an issue with the electrical panel – and could mean it’s time to take action.

Let There Be Light

Do the lights in your home flicker, especially if you use the microwave? Maybe the lights dim when you fire up the vacuum? Using appliances in your home shouldn’t affect the lights. And your bulbs should only fade if they’re controlled by a dimmer switch – which you activate.

Any fluctuation the brightness of the lights could mean there’s a problem with the electrical panel. This should be addressed by a qualified electrician as soon as possible to ensure it doesn’t become a safety concern.

Wonky Wiring

Bad or outdating electrical wiring is one of the main causes of house fires in the United States. The danger increases in relation to the age of your home, since older wiring usually required less stringent safety codes.

Wiring issues can cause your lights to flicker (refer to previous point above). Faulty wiring is also characterized by:

  • Outlets that spark or have a darkened tinge around the plug port
  • A burning smell
  • A minor shock when touching appliances or electrically powered devices

These issues serve as warning signs that something is amiss and could lead to a fire. You should turn off the main power and call in a trusted technician. Your service professional can determine the problem and make any needed adjustments, replacements, or upgrades to your home’s electrical panel so that you and your family feel safe and secure.

New Appliances?

One home upgrade can sometimes necessitate another. If you’re updating appliances – and we’re talking about the big ones here, you may need to also upgrade your electrical panel.

Why? Good question.

Depending on the age of your home, the current panel may not have the amperage needed to support the new appliances. If the available power isn’t sufficient, the breakers will trip each time you use one or more appliance. This safety feature turns off the power to that particular area in order to prevent an overload and potential fire.

If you need more juice, the best option is to call on an experienced electrician to upgrade the electrical panel.

Cord Overextension

Having power where and when you need it is important. But sometimes we need an outlet where there isn’t one, so we send a power strip or extension cord to the rescue. While both respectable options, these devices often draw more power from the outlet than it has to offer. This can result in constantly tripped breakers or create a fire hazard.

If your home lacks outlets where you need them, add more. A qualified electrical expert can upgrade your home’s electrical panel to accommodate the extra plug-ins and get your home on par with its available power supply.

Rely on Stafford

If you experience any of these power issues or simply want to make sure your system is safe and up to code, rely on the specialists at Stafford Home Service. We can address your concerns and determine if upgrading your home’s electrical panel is an essential next step. Then, our skilled technicians will make it happen, performing any and all necessary electrical services to deliver peace of mind and the power you need. Contact us today.



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