Five Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement


Identifying the warning signs of a furnace on the fritz is crucial to Midwesterners. Unfortunately, these warning signs don’t present themselves in capital letters. They are much more discreet, which is why it’s vital to be well informed. Continue reading this blog to learn the warning signs for a furnace replacement.

Your Furnace Is More than 16 Years Old

Like many things in life, a furnace has an indisputable expiration date. If your furnace is creeping up on 16 years old, it’s a good time to start furnace shopping. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a new one right away, but it’s a good idea to have it in the back of your mind, especially if the previous homeowners purchased the current furnace and the age of the system is estimated.

Higher Energy Bills

A great way to check on the efficiency of your furnace is by comparing past and current energy bills. During the winter months in the Midwest, our heat tends to be the highest utility bill we have, but make sure it isn’t working overtime. Take the time to log onto your utility account and compare the rates from last year and this year. If you are paying more than past bills, this could mean it’s time for a furnace replacement.

Funny Sounds

Sometimes standing next to your furnace can give you all the information you need. Check for any funny sounds, smells, and cracks in your system. Any type of squealing and screeching can indicate the blower needing an adjustment, but other types of noises, like grinding, indicate something much more serious. If you are hearing a grinding or banging, it’s time to call the professionals to assess the situation.

Frequent Repairs

If you are inching towards winter and already anticipating a furnace repair, it’s time to think about replacing it. A well-functioning furnace should be problem-free. An outdated unit with continuous repair bills and skyrocketing utility costs will add up to a figure that may be greater than a new furnace. Don’t hang on to a furnace that requires frequent fixes.

An Overly Dusty Home

If you continuously clean the dust off your home’s surfaces and find no relief, your furnace may be the issue. A functioning furnace will eliminate airborne particles as it heats up the air. If the filter has not been changed in years, there may be internal damage to the system that requires a whole unit replacement.

If your home’s furnace has one or more of these indicators, it’s time to discuss purchasing a new system. Be proactive and make sure you have a working furnace for the quickly approaching winter. Contact Stafford Home Service to schedule an evaluation with one of our HVAC technicians.



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