Four Reasons to Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade


Making the decision to purchase a home and say goodbye to renting also comes with a homeowner checklist. Included on that list is ensuring a properly functioning electrical system, as all maintenance and safety precautions are the homeowners’ concerns. Without an updated electrical system, a malfunction is possible and can lead to an electrical fire, electric shock, or electrocution. Here are four reasons to consider an electrical panel upgrade.

Meet the National Electric Code Compliance

In the event of a home purchase, a home’s electrical system, including the electrical panel, must meet National Electric Code before ownership can be transferred. Stafford Home Service provides electrical certification services for both potential buyers and current homeowners. If house-hunting is in your future, trust Stafford to make sure your future home is up to code.

Outdated Electrical System

Without an updated electrical system, problems with new technology will arise. Typically, panels in older homes top out between 60 to 100 amps. But with smart TVs, laptops, and smart appliances, homes today require around 200 amps to keep up with technology.

If you notice your electrical panel is hot to the touch, or your circuit breakers trip frequently, there’s a good chance your system is overloaded. Keep your home safe and your technology running by updating your electrical system.

Upgrading Home Appliances

When the time comes to upgrade your appliances, it usually means an electrical system upgrade should follow suit. Outdated electrical panels oftentimes don’t have the capacity to power an entire home of new appliances. This includes your refrigerator, hot tub, dryers, water heaters, and washing machine. Most of these electrical appliances require a 240V circuit, with which older homes are not typically equipped. If you find yourself purchasing a new home and are questioning the condition and age of your electrical system, contact us with questions.

Reduce Homeowner Insurance

Not only does an outdated breaker panel fail to keep up with new appliances, but it also costs more to have. An electrical panel upgrade can help with reducing your homeowner’s insurance bill. When you replace the fuse box with a breaker panel, your home becomes safer, qualifying you for a discount on your annual bill.

Turn to the professionals at Stafford Home Service for any electrical panel replacements or upgrades. Our qualified electricians have the expertise necessary to provide quality services. Contact us today to learn more about an electrical panel upgrade or our other residential electrical services.



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