4 Tips for Early Spring HVAC Maintenance


The snow has melted and it’s already April, and that means it’s time to prepare for the cooling season! Is your air conditioner ready for the shift? Use these early spring HVAC maintenance tips to help prepare your system before the hot, humid days arrive. Test Your Cooling System & Schedule Annual Maintenance When that […]

Tips for Avoiding Late-Summer HVAC Issues

Kids enjoying ice cream treats on the couch with the family dog.

We may be coming up on the home stretch, but cooling season isn’t done yet. Our air conditioners have been working hard over the last few months, so we want to make sure they’re prepared to finish the season strong. Read on to learn about avoiding common late-summer HVAC issues. Dirty, Clogged Air Filter Air […]

Recognizing Common Air Conditioner Warning Signs

Don't get stuck with a broken A/C and relying on fans to cool off like this pup. Keep an eye out for these common air conditioner warning signs this summer!

While cooling season is well under way in Minnesota, we know all too well that the worst is yet to come. We’ll be putting more demand on our A/C systems over the next few months, so being able to detect issues early on is crucial in preventing a hazard or complete breakdown. Watch for these […]

Importance of Managing Indoor Humidity

Wet and damaged window showing the importance of managing indoor humidity.

In Minnesota, we’re all too familiar with high levels of humidity in the summer months. But do you know about the negative impacts they can have beyond feeling sticky and uncomfortable? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), humidity is a key factor of indoor air quality and should be kept below 60 percent. […]

5 Tips for End of Summer HVAC Maintenance

5 Tips for End of Summer HVAC Maintenance

We’re at the end of August, which means cooler weather is just around the corner. Is your home’s HVAC system ready for the season change? There’s more to it than just turning down the A/C. To help you be prepared, here are five tips for end of summer HVAC maintenance. Clean/Unclog Condenser Coils Dirty condenser […]



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