Don’t Lose Your Cool Over A/C Expenses

Don't lose your cool over A/C expenses with these tips.

In a previous blog, we pointed out a handful of suggestions for lowering your summertime A/C costs. With the warm season upon us once again, we wanted to revisit this idea and offer a few more recommendations for keeping costs to a minimum. Keep these tips in mind so you don’t lose your cool over […]

Importance of Managing Indoor Humidity

Wet and damaged window showing the importance of managing indoor humidity.

In Minnesota, we’re all too familiar with high levels of humidity in the summer months. But do you know about the negative impacts they can have beyond feeling sticky and uncomfortable? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), humidity is a key factor of indoor air quality and should be kept below 60 percent. […]

Springtime Tips for Indoor Air Quality

Learn springtime tips for indoor quality.

How have you been prepping your home for spring? We often neglect indoor air quality, but this year it’s even more important as we spend additional time in our homes in the face of COVID-19. As you prepare for the cooling season, be sure to incorporate these springtime tips for indoor air quality. Simple Tips […]

Importance of Bathroom Ventilation Fans


Your bathroom exhaust fan doesn’t get much credit for all it does for you. You also probably don’t leave it on as long as you need to post-shower, which is at least 30 minutes to get rid of all the moisture buildup. It doesn’t just control moisture and humidity, it also controls odor, and gets […]



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