Repair or Replace: 8 Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

Stafford Home Service HVAC Technician installing a new furnace.

Cold streaks like what we recently experienced make us beyond grateful for our heating systems. However, the fact remains that they can’t get us through the winters forever. Do you know how to tell if it’s time to repair or replace? To help, we put together this guide to warning signs of a failing furnace. […]

6 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

Smiling couple dusting and vacuuming their home, which can help boost indoor air quality during winter if done regularly.

Minnesota’s cold winter months mean spending more time inside the warmth and comfort of our home. In our last blog, we discussed how to maximize HVAC system efficiency and minimize utility bills. However, it’s important to keep the air in our homes clean as well as cozy. Here are six ways to improve indoor air […]

8 Money-Saving Winter HVAC Tips


Whether you made it a New Year’s resolution or not, most of us are always looking for ways to cut costs. That can mean cooking more meals at home, canceling unused memberships, or trying to reduce our monthly bills. If you’re looking to spend less, use these money-saving winter HVAC tips to get the most […]

Fall Home Maintenance Reminders

Smiling man plays with his dog in the forest on a beautiful fall day.

Yesterday marked the first official day of fall, and in Minnesota, that means it’s time to prepare our homes for the bitter cold ahead. This is also the perfect time to perform some routine homeowner maintenance. Use this helpful list of fall home maintenance reminders as you get your household ready for the seasonal change. […]

Winter HVAC Maintenance Reminders

Woman playing with her dog at home during winter.

We’re two months into the new year, and that means our home heating systems have been working hard here in Minnesota. However, we know their job isn’t done quite yet. To help you make it through the rest of the heating season, we’ve outlined some winter HVAC maintenance reminders. Maintain a Clean Filter Simple, important, […]



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