Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Stafford Home Service electrician working on a newly installed electrical panel.

As a homeowner, you’ve likely made some updates to both the inside and outside of your house over the years. Many of those enhancements are probably for aesthetic purposes. But don’t forget about making needed changes to some behind-the-scenes elements, too. We touched on this in a previous blog and now wanted to revisit reasons […]

5 Electrical Problem Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Homeowner inspects a tripped circuit breaker after losing power, one of the common electrical problem warning signs to watch out for.

Electricity has long been vital to our daily lives, but we often take it for granted – until it malfunctions in some way. Many homeowners miss or ignore small issues that can indicate much bigger problems, as well as pose serious safety threats like shocks and fires. Watch for these electrical problem warning signs to […]

Explaining the Different Types of Indoor Lighting

Modern kitchen featuring multiple types of indoor lighting.

Proper lighting is key to your home’s functionality and comfort. However, every area serves its own purpose and needs its own design. How can you relax in an overly bright, glare-filled living room? To help you create the setting you want, we’ve outlined the different types of indoor lighting and how to use them in […]

Seven Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

Well, it’s almost June, and summer is coming. Having your A/C unit ready for the season is important, but we all know summer is no fun if you’re locked indoors 24/7. Summer means enjoying days on the water, weekends at the cabin, and nights in the backyard. Here are seven ideas to prepare your outdoor […]

Efficiency of LED Lighting


News flash! Incandescent lighting is being phased out and LED lighting is taking its place. LED lighting offers many benefits when compared to other forms of lighting. Not only is lighting your home with LED bulbs more efficient, but also more cost-effective. Learn how the efficiency of LED lighting will change your everyday life for […]



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