Explaining the Different Types of Indoor Lighting

Modern kitchen featuring multiple types of indoor lighting.

Proper lighting is key to your home’s functionality and comfort. However, every area serves its own purpose and needs its own design. How can you relax in an overly bright, glare-filled living room? To help you create the setting you want, we’ve outlined the different types of indoor lighting and how to use them in […]

Seven Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

Well, it’s almost June, and summer is coming. Having your A/C unit ready for the season is important, but we all know summer is no fun if you’re locked indoors 24/7. Summer means enjoying days on the water, weekends at the cabin, and nights in the backyard. Here are seven ideas to prepare your outdoor […]

Efficiency of LED Lighting


News flash! Incandescent lighting is being phased out and LED lighting is taking its place. LED lighting offers many benefits when compared to other forms of lighting. Not only is lighting your home with LED bulbs more efficient, but also more cost-effective. Learn how the efficiency of LED lighting will change your everyday life for […]

Holiday Lighting Dos and Don’ts


Silent night, holy night. All is warm, all is BRIGHT. The holiday season is here, and homeowners are draping their houses in gorgeous, bright holiday lights. If you’re one of the festive crowd, you may benefit from this list of holiday lighting dos and don’ts. Dos Use light clips to avoid mishaps and make lights […]

Lighting Tips: Best ways to brighten up your home


Lighting is the key to creating the look and feel you want for your home. Where lighting fixtures are placed, whether they be in or outside the house, how bright they are, and if they’re equipped with any special features all play part in creating the ambiance you want. Check out these lighting tips for […]



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