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Electric Heating Installation In Minneapolis, MN

Electric Heating Installation

electric heating installation - stafford home service inc.
stafford home service inc.

Electric heating is an option for areas of your home or property that cannot be accommodated by your existing HVAC system, including additions, garages, and outbuildings.

Stafford Home Service installs electric heating products from Berko, including:

  • Electric Baseboard Heaters: Installed along the base of your exterior walls. Cool air is drawn through the bottom and passed through electric heating coils. The warm air then rises and heats the room by convection. Often used below windows that allow heat loss through the glass.
  • Forced Fan or Wall Heaters: Air is warmed by an electric heating element and then radiated back into the room with a reflector. A fan moves the air through the heating system. Commonly installed on interior walls.
  • Ceiling Heat Panels: Mounted to the ceiling, heat panels preserve wall and floor space. Electric panels generate radiant energy; most of the heat is felt directly below the panels. Ideal for spot heating.

Contact us to learn more about electrical heating options for your home or property.