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Indoor Air Quality In Minneapolis, MN

Indoor Air Quality

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The air quality inside your home can be more contaminated than outside air and will fluctuate based on activities such as cooking or painting. Indoor air quality equipment can help monitor air quality levels and help maintain your family’s good health. The most important factor in your indoor air quality is the blower motor of your furnace or air handler. We offer energy-efficient upgrades to your existing system.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment can gauge temperature, humidity levels, and levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, and other pollutants, including Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). Many of these common contaminants, pollutants, and particles are associated with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory and health issues.

Indoor air quality monitors and other equipment from trusted brands like Bryant, LifeBreathe, Aprilaire, Second Wind, Breathe Clean, and GE Evergreen Motor are convenient, easy to use, and offer homeowners peace of mind. Contact Stafford Home Service Inc. to learn more.