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Distributed Whole House Audio In Minneapolis, MN

Distributed Whole House Audio

distributed whole house audio - stafford home service inc.
stafford home service inc.
stafford home service inc.

The terms distributed audio or whole house audio can refer to any number of systems and configurations that bring music or other audio into rooms throughout your house. Stafford Home Service Inc. can work with you to determine the best options and maximum design for your home. No matter how you play your music, a distributed whole-house audio system will streamline your listening experience throughout your home.

Our experienced, licensed technicians can install:

  • In-ceiling speakers
  • In-wall speakers
  • Bookshelf or floor speakers
  • Volume controls (knobs, keypads, portable devices)
  • Access to iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, or any streaming service
  • Centrally-located equipment
  • Advanced audio control systems
  • Stereo receivers and other audio equipment
  • Speaker selectors or distribution amplifiers
  • High-quality speaker wire
  • Proudly installing Sonos audio systems

Contact us to learn more about distributed whole-house audio systems from Stafford Home Service Inc.