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Recessed Lighting In Minneapolis, MN

Recessed Lighting

A light fixture installed into an opening in the ceiling is known as recessed or canister lighting. This type of light fixture can provide ambient or task lighting and can be used with incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lamps. In addition, a wide variety of housing and trim styles are available to enhance your décor.

Because of the variants in styles and functions, it’s important to fully understand how recessed lighting will work in your space. Call on the lighting experts at Stafford Home Service Inc. We’ll design and install a recessed lighting plan that will enhance the atmosphere of your home.

We can customize your design to:

  • Direct canned lights toward artwork or other visual elements to add drama
  • Create a cozy, welcoming feel with soft, low bulbs
  • Improve visibility in kitchens and offices with high-intensity lamps
  • Increase security and curb appeal with recessed lights in covered front porches and soffits

For safe, efficient upgrades to your interior lighting, contact Stafford Home Service Inc.