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Alarm Systems In Minneapolis, MN

Alarm Systems

The safety and security of your home and family are a top priority, and Stafford Home Service Inc. offers many options for alarm systems and intrusion detection products, including:

  • Door/window contacts
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Low-temperature sensors
  • Smoke sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Water sensors
  • Keypads

If you live in an older home, updating your wiring for a new security system can be challenging. Count on the security experts at Stafford Home Service Inc. to simplify the process with a wireless security system. You’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • A more secure connection, eliminating an exposed phone or cable line outside the home that could be cut or compromised
  • Easy installation and/or replacement of an older system
  • Versatile, flexible placement and use throughout your home
  • Ability to easily expand your system when needed with additional wireless sensors

For the utmost reliability and quality, we offer wired sensing products from Interlogix.