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Forced Air Zone Systems In Minneapolis, MN

Forced Air Zone Systems

Temperatures can vary throughout your home, from room to room or level to level. Other factors that may impact temperature include the size of the room, ceiling height, how much the room is exposed to sun or shade, over-sized equipment, the amount of window area, and the purpose of the room. Because hot air rises, the upper level may be warmer than lower levels, or the kitchen may be at a higher temperature because of appliance use. Your family’s comfort needs may also vary.

A heating and cooling zone system from Stafford Home Service Inc. may be the solution. Thermostats are installed in each room or zone, and dampers are installed into ductwork to control air flow. Room temperature can be adjusted based on use.

Zone systems provide:

  • Improved comfort from room to room
  • Energy and cost savings from not heating or cooling unused rooms
  • Convenient temperature control with multiple thermostats