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Scheduled Preventative Maintenance In Minneapolis, MN

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

scheduled preventative maintenance - stafford home service inc.
stafford home service inc.

Keep your heating and cooling systems operating at top efficiency, productivity, and safety with scheduled preventative maintenance from Stafford Home Service Inc. Before the start of each heating and cooling season, we recommend that our experienced technicians inspect your HVAC system.

Our team will:

  • Inspect cooling levels and adjust them as needed
  • Remove debris from outdoor units that may impede energy efficiency
  • Inspect system mechanics for damage and wear, including fans, blowers, control boxes, and wiring
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Inspect gas furnaces and ductwork

Prevent expensive, unexpected repairs when you maintain your heating and cooling systems.

Stafford Home Service Inc. offers Safety & Efficiency Agreements to make this process even easier. Our heating and cooling maintenance packages offer peace of mind with regularly scheduled maintenance, priority scheduling, extended equipment life, and more. Learn more about our Safety & Efficiency Agreements, and contact us to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment today.