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Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace- Stafford Home Service Inc.

Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

Leaves are falling and temperatures are beginning to drop; this only means one thing, winter is coming! Winter in the Twin Cities is no joke and the last thing you want to deal with as a homeowner is a faulty and inefficient furnace. Having a functioning heating system is essential for living in the Midwest. To ensure that your furnace is running properly and prepared for winter, continue reading our blog for some helpful tips on maintaining your furnace.

Change Your Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your furnace is one of the most important things you need to do to help maintain your heating system. When your air filters get dirty and clogged, that causes your system to work extra hard and require more energy. This leads to your energy bill rising and potentially causes costly damages to your furnace. A clean air filter will guarantee that you are breathing clean and healthy air in your home.

Check Your Pilot Light

The pilot light on your furnace plays an important role and essentially will tell you how well your furnace is running. Your pilot light will indicate whether the gas is burning and if the ratio is correct. The pilot light should always be blue. If it happens to be any other color, then that is concerning. For the safety of yourself and everyone in your home, you should always keep an eye on your pilot light to prevent any future serious problems.

Make Sure the Vents are Clear

For your heating system to work efficiently and to its full potential, all of the vents in your home should be cleared and flowing smoothly. Your vents should be open and not have anything blocking them, meaning they’re not covered up by furniture or household items. If there is a closed or clogged vent in your home, this will cause your furnace to work harder and less efficiently.

Remove Flammable Objects

It is crucial that you keep all flammable objects away from your furnace. There is a reason why your furnace is typically located in a separate area in your home. Here are some objects that are flammable and should not be near your furnace:

  • Clothes
  • Paint
  • Boxes
  • Cleaning products

Contact Stafford Home Service Inc.

A malfunctioning heating system is inconvenient and a safety issue. With winter approaching, that is the last thing you want to deal with as a homeowner. At Stafford Home Service Inc., our trusted technicians will repair, provide installations, and do a routine maintenance check on your furnace. Contact us today!

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