Electrical Certifications – City and Code Compliance In Minneapolis, MN

Electrical Certifications – City and Code Compliance

Potential homebuyers may request that an electrical contractor complete an inspection to certify certain portions or all of an electrical system in the home. The system must meet NEC (National Electric Code) or city requirements before ownership of the home can be transferred. Stafford Home Service Inc. provides electrical certification services.

Maintaining code requirements in your home can minimize the risk of accidental electric shock or electrocution, fire, or damage to your wiring system or fixtures. Stafford Home Service Inc. can perform upgrades to correct code violations during remodels, installation, or service calls.

At Stafford Home Service Inc., our top priorities are your ultimate satisfaction and the safety of your family. Not only do we have specific processes in place to ensure the highest level of customer service, our certified and licensed electricians receive ongoing training and stay up-to-date on local, state, and federal code requirements, permitting, and inspections. Contact us today with your questions about our certification services or code compliance.