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Seven Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

Well, it’s almost June, and summer is coming. Having your A/C unit ready for the season is important, but we all know summer is no fun if you’re locked indoors 24/7. Summer means enjoying days on the water, weekends at the cabin, and nights in the backyard. Here are seven ideas to prepare your outdoor living space for summer.

Install a weatherproof TV

Bring the entertainment outdoors during the warmer summer months. Install a weatherproof TV so you can host a viewing party for the big game or the latest episode of your favorite show.

Install outdoor speakers

Don’t settle for the small portable Bluetooth speaker you bring to the beach. Install rock speakers or other quality outdoor sound system for the barbecues and backyard parties you want to host.

Extend your Wi-Fi network outdoors

Wi-Fi is becoming integral to indoor living. Outdoor Wi-Fi not only allows you and your guests to browse the web data-free, but is also necessary for controlling many audio, video, and lighting systems that are connected to your smartphone or tablet.

Light up steps and walkways

Make it easy to navigate your outdoor living space safely. From lamp posts to rail and deck lights, there are plenty of ways to brighten the path. Some outdoor lights can even be discreetly mounted right onto individual steps, providing an easy and less-intrusive way to illuminate a staircase.

Install solar-powered deck lights

Utilize the sun to prepare for the night! Solar-powered deck, step, and pathway lights are perfect for your outdoor space. They’ll charge all day using the sun, and many will turn on automatically after sunset.

Create an outdoor “fine dining” experience

Make your backyard dining experience a little fancy. One of our expert electricians can help you wire and hang a weather-rated chandelier and even add some charming string lights to create an elegant, stylish dining atmosphere.

Use overhead string lighting

Want some quality lighting without sacrificing your view of the stars? Use overhead string lighting to create an illusion of ceiling lights without blocking the night sky.

Whether you use one or all of these ideas to prepare your outdoor living space for summer, always remember that it’s yours. Design it the way you like it! And if you’re unsure what will work for your home, consult the experts in home entertainment services at Stafford Home Service Inc. We’re here to make your outdoor lighting, audio, and video dreams a reality. Contact us to learn more.

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