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Get Ready for Back-to-School

It’s that time of year again – teacher assignments, school supply lists, new clothes, and tennis shoes for the kids. While parents and students are in full back-to-school mode, why not take some time to prepare your home for the upcoming school year? Stafford Home Service Inc. can help you get ready for back to school.


More and more classrooms and schools are relying on digital learning. Utilizing online websites and resources for homework and research is an expectation of today’s curriculum. Make sure that the low voltage or structured wiring in your home can accommodate your internet, cable, and phone needs, as well as wiring for alarm systems.


For peace of mind as your family comes and goes, trust the experts at Stafford Home Service Inc. for your home security needs. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior security cameras, outdoor security lighting, and alarm systems. Today’s home security systems offer many convenient and easy-to-use capabilities, including remote access and control. In addition to being alerted of any suspicious behavior, these systems can notify you when a child arrives home from school or a package is delivered.


Once school begins, your family’s schedules and routines change with sports and other activities. Your thermostat plays a big role in conserving energy and saving money on heating and cooling costs. Programmable thermostats are one option, but for even more convenience and efficiency, Stafford Home Service Inc. can install The Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself, learning your schedule, your habits, and your temperature preferences, adapting as the seasons change. The Nest connects to your Wi-Fi and is easy to use. Contact us to learn how your family can benefit from The Nest or another smart thermostat.


Add an annual furnace inspection to your back-to-school checklist, and make sure your heating system is in good working order before the snow flies. Stafford Home Service Inc. offers Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, with a thorough evaluation of the operation, safety, and efficiency of your system. To make this yearly task even easier, sign up for a Safety & Efficiency Agreement. Not only will our technicians complete the Precision Tune-Up Procedure, but you’ll also receive convenient priority scheduling.

For more information on these or any of our services, contact Stafford Home Service Inc. Let us help you get ready for back to school.

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